Welcome to Family Woodbadge

A collection of information that may help your family get the most out of the Trapper Trails Council Family Woodbadge at Camp Bartlett. If you've been as a participant, spouse, son, daughter or volunteer, contact Mike Jones at moc.liamg|mikejones#moc.liamg|mikejones to get an account and add your insights to this site.

The information here should be thought of as advice and guidelines rather than policy and plans. We aren't affiliated with the Family Woodbadge planning process and the program may change with the next iteration of the course.

The intension is to help you prepare better for the experience. For our family, Family Woodbadge was a defining moment which helped us establish our priorities and goals as a family.

Spouses and Family

Going to Family Woodbadge will not give you back the week you are going to miss with your spouse while your spouse attends Woodbadge.

Think of it as camping for a week with the kids while your spouse attends Woodbadge.

Your spouse will eat most meals with you, have free time in the late evening and free time Wednesday after dinner. But for the most part, you will be on your own. That's the bad news.

The good news is that there's a full schedule of age-specific programs for the kids and a program for the spouses.

More details on things you need to know…

  • Food: Think scout camp cafeteria lines but with hungry kids.
  • Water: Readily available—but not hot.
  • Shelter: Tents are fine, but be ready to walk.
  • Bathrooms: Mostly open-pit.
  • Explorer Post Staff: Better than the concierge staff at a 5-star hotel.

Doing Family Woodbadge with…


Family Woodbadge is not the same as Woodbadge. Having your family there will change the experience. There will be times when family pressure and Woodbadge assignments conflict. For me, the Family Woodbadge experience deepened my commitment to building a strong family foundation from which our family can serve others.

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