4 Year Olds

The Joneses

Our 4 year old twins enjoyed a series of highs and lows at Family Woodbadge, but in the end, Woodbadge is their "favorite city" to camp in and they already want to go back.

Our 4 year olds never adjusted to pit toilets, but we have trained them to use a chamber pot in the tent while camping (however, we didn't bring it because we assumed flush toilets would be close and plentiful).

Our 4 year olds slept well at night and I was frankly surprised at how well they slept through rain storms and a moose/deer eating a tree 5 yards from our tent at 4 in the morning.

The preschool program was a lot of fun for them. The family camp volunteers do a remarkable job. It's simply amazing. They weren't used to spending that much time away from my wife so that was a bit of an adjustment for all of us. But they settled into it by the third day.

They enjoyed taking my wife and I to the nature house to see the bunnies, lizards, snakes etc. there.

We brought life jackets for them to canoe but didn't have the time to do any canoeing.

One of our 4 year olds really blossomed socially at Family Woodbadge. I was amazed to see her talking to adults as freely as she did because she is usually quite shy. This has continued now that we are home and the experience seems to have helped her social development.

Three months later, at a court of honor in our home unit, it was especially rewarding to see our girls salute the flag during the presentation of the colors. At woodbadge, our girls learned a form of respect for the flag which we assume they got by watching the Explorer Post staff and other adults at camp flag ceremonies.

Your experience here?

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